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Virtuo Contact Center/CRM is the new standard in Contact Center Software built on top of an asterisk IP PBX engine, which can be cloud based or installed at your premises.

  • We offer Auto-dialer, IVR, Campaign Management, Agent Console, Real time monitoring of auto dialer and many more features. 
  • We also offer a world class Omni channel Virtuo CRM solution with workflow management which is 100% integrated with our Call center solution. Call/Email/SMS/Social Media  customers right from CRM and also listen to call recordings from CRM
  • Omni channel CRM to converge Voice, Email, SMS and Social media such as Facebook, Twitter etc. all from within the CRM (Extra monthly charges apply)
  • We can also provide integration with your third party CRM via Click2Call HTTP API for making outbound calls. We  also provide  incoming call alert/customer detail pop-up in your CRM via HTTP API. (Extra setup charges apply)
  • Mobile App for the Virtuo CRM – Extra charges apply

If you intend to setup a Contact Center/CRM, then you can choose one of the following two configurations:

1. Cloud Hosted Dedicated Contact Center/CRM – Contact Center/CRM software hosted in the cloud. You pay per agent/per month price. It is that simple. Let us see how it ranks:

  • Hassle free – As you do not have to worry about  servers, internet leased lines etc.
  • Maintenance Free – Think about servers, leased lines going down and their regular maintenance
  • Scalable – Scale from 5 agent to 500 agents in 30 minutes!
  • Monthly Charges – You have to pay per agent/per month charges

Call us at 9599 039 039  or fill-up the form in the right hand side top to connect with us!!!

Quick Demo of Virtuo Call Center with Auto-dialer:

Virtuo CRM – Virtuo also offers a great CRM application which is integrated with Virtuo Call Center Solution for making and receiving calls from CRM.

Other features:

  1. Click2call from CRM : By clicking on phone number of a lead calls can be made via Virtuo Call Center.
  2. Incoming Call Pop-up: For incoming calls CRM will show call popup with option to add a new lead or view if existing lead based on phone number.
  3. SMS Gateway Integration
  4. Modules like Contacts, Leads, Organization etc
  5. Workflows and option to create custom work flow

For workflows additional customization charges apply !
Database sizing and storage limits apply!

Video Demo of Virtuo Call Center and CRM Integration:

2. On-premise Contact Center Software with CRM – In this setup everything is hosted at your premises and you have better control of everything, provided you have support staff and resources. You can go with subscription model as well as one time charges.

  • Lot of hassles – As you have to worry about servers, PRI lines, internet leased lines etc.
  • Scalable – With  in-house setup you have limited resources
  • No Monthly Charges – You pay one time cost for the software and setup and that is it!

Perpetual License on your server – Rs 475000+taxes one time 
1. No limit on agents
2. Lifelong license/ Single Server/Single IP License
3. 30 days remote technical/operational support
4. Remote Installation & Setup: Rs 35000+taxes and yearly maintenance fees of Rs 25000+gst

Subscription model on your server – Rs 750/agent/month with quarterly billing and minimum 20 Agents

1. Single Server/Single IP License
2. Remote technical/operational support 
3. Remote Installation & Setup: Rs 35000+taxes

Call us at +91 9599 039 039 or email us at or fill-up the form in the right hand side top to connect with us!!!

Features of Virtuo Contact Center : 

  • Web Administration
  • Built-in IVR, Voice Mail, IP PBX , Auto-dialer & more!!!
  • Our own CRM solution with full integration (Charges apply)
  • Integration with supported CRM such as Zoho, SalesForce and many more*
  • Incoming Call to your CRM Record Pop-up via CRM API invocation in Agent Console
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Video Calling between SIP Extensions
  • Do-Not-Call List Support
  • Support for breaks generation and configuration
  • Support for integration of external application (CRM, forms) during campaigns
  • Support for forms design
  • Support for generation of scripts by campaign and by queues
  • Storage of attention script
  • Support for retries in outgoing campaigns
  • Support for reports exporting to spreadsheets, PDF, and CSV
  • Web-based agent console
  • Support for call transfer from console
  • Ability to place a call on hold
  • Support for incoming and outgoing campaigns
  • Support for call schedule in outgoing campaigns
  • Support for call schedule assigned to the same agent
  • Support for call back login
  • Execution of multiple simultaneous campaigns
  • Monitoring of agent assigned to a call
  • Support for call recording by queues
  • Predictive dialing
  • Support for configuration of short call threshold
  • Maximum wait configuration of a dialed call
  • Support for activation/deactivation of prediction
  • Automatic calling from a list of numbers also called as Auto-dialer


  • Breaks/rests reports
  • Call’s detail
  • Calls per hour
  • Calls per agent
  • Wait time
  • Login Logout
  • Incoming successful calls
  • Calls per hour graph
  • Agent’s information
  • Trunks used per hour
  • Real Time – Agents monitoring
  • Real Time – Incoming calls monitoring
  • Real Time – Campaign monitoring
  • Real Time – Operator Panel

How does Virtuo Contact Center/CRM works?

Check out our quick web demo as below. For a full fledged demo click on the form on the right side top and fill your details and we will connect with you within 24 hours  or less!


 Main Dashboard

Plethora of features


Operator Panel

Live View of Extensions, Call Incoming, Outgoing, Trunks used & more!


Agent login

We offer both Static & Call Back agents

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