Email API

Email API for integration

Virtuo has been built from the ground up as an API company. We’re built to serve developers and integrators and make it easy to send email no matter what your environment is. You can send email over SMTP protocol and even use one of our official client HTTP API. In just a few minutes, you can send your first email and millions more.

Good part is you can also use our web based email marketing panel to send emails and view reports, so you have two mechanisms to work with. We provide all features with Email API plan, as we provide in all other plans!

Example of HTTP API:

Parameters that can be passed:

  1. Recipient Email Address: The Recipient is the person you are sending email ‘To’
  2. From Name: Email from name that you want to show in the email when received by the recipient
  3. From email address: Email from address which shows to the recipient
  4. Body: HTML/Text part of the mail message
  5. Username: Virtuo will provide you a unique Username
  6. Password: Password for you username
  7. Reply to: Email address on which you can get replies from recipients
  8. Subject: Subject of your Mailer/Campaign/Email Newsletters
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